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Common Queries

What are the Carves sealed with?

My carves are not sealed unless stated. I can for an additional fee, or I can let you know what you can seal your art with.

Best place for your carves?

My carves are for outside but some may go inside with much patience and care. For the most part outdoors is best so the raw logs can breathe, and in a sheltered space. They're different ways to seal the logs and I use an oil for most of mine if they are sealed. Please feel free to ask me about what is best for yours. They can  go out in the full elements but last better in a somewhat sheltered places. To store them; place in an outside shed, or barn that is not heated and has ventilation. Enjoy the timeless aging of the carve.

Carve Care

All carves are for outdoor use unless stated. I work with raw logs and they are not kiln dried. The choice is up to you on how or if you want to seal it or not. I am happy to discuss options that suit your carve best.

Whats up with the Cracks?

Cracking in Carves is expected. It is part of the beauty of working with raw logs and comes side by side with chainsaw carving.

Where can I purchase a carve?

My carves can be found at events, and online. Facebook is a great way to see my up and coming newest carves.

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